Bartók’s Birthday for European Day of Talent

25 February 2011

EU Presidency - Hungarian government presents education goals at EP hearing.

EU Presidency - Hungarian government presents education goals at EP hearing/Bartók’s Birthday for European Day of Talent

The Hungarian government proposes a European TalentDay in the framework of its European Union Presidency, Rózsa Hoffmann, the state secretary in charge of education told the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament in Brussels in late January. TalentDay, once conceived as a grassroots initiative of MATEHETSZ (Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations) to draw public attention on the needs of gifted and talented learners and also to celebrate the contribution of educators in the process of student development, has made it’s way to the European decision maker level.

In one of a series of hearings on the Hungarian government's plans, Hoffmann said the day picked for marking the talented and gifted is March 25, the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók's birthday anniversary.

Hoffmann said priorities of the Hungarian EU presidency will include strengthening the Europe 2020 strategy, advancing standards in early-age education, improving school dropout prevention programmes and strengthening learning mobility.

In reference to the strategic aims of Education and Training 2020 and based on the achievments of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation in 2009, Ms. Hoffmann told the commitee that a three-day Conference on gifted and talented education will be held in April and that the conference will also host the central events of the First European TalentDay. The state secretary for education added that the exchange of best practices and the comparison of different educational policies of member states concerning gifted and talented education are put as objectives of the Hungarian EU Presidency period.

Acknowledging and embracing the concept that ’the potential of talent lies in all individuals’, the Hungarian government would like to be instrumental in drawing the attention to the unexploited capacities of promoting giftedness. Talent support and talent development may be understood as means of enhancing social mobility and cohesion as well as they can be considered as stimuli of innovation and creativity. She also underlined that the social-economic profit resulting from talent support can be one of the keys on Europe’s emergence from the upcoming waves of economic crisis and can contibute to the competitiveness of Europe.

After outlining the key topics of the conference Hoffmann proposed March 25 as the official day of European TalentDay, the purpose of which is to create a tradition of international events in Europe focusing public attention on the needs of gifted and talented people and also on the benefits of talent support. She added that community events of this kind are already common in Hungary and in it’s neighbouring countries and that the Hungarian government would initiate joint action with other member states regarding the promotion of uncovered capacities of talent support at the European level.

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