European TalentDay – Get Involved!

30 December 2010

The impact of the  European TalentDay grows through the support of partners like you. Get involved in this cross-country initiative – inspire us with your talents and share your best practices!

The fact that Hungary set talent support as one of its priority topics during the period of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union provides the unprecedented opportunity to give this issue an European dimension and recognition. In order to gain the most out of the increased public attention on the topic, Hungary is organising a series of events with the assistance of other EU-member states and non-EU countries. As the central event in this series, an International Conference on Talent Support is to be held on 7-9 April 2011 in Budapest, Hungary.

The overall aims of the event series are as follows. The first is to attract the attention of the public on the concept that our talents play a significant role in improving the life of our communities, and shape our lives by providing innovative solutions to challenges. The second is to emphasize the social importance and benefits of talent support itself. In order to bring talent support to grass roots and make it a real tangible topic, Hungary invites EU- and non-EU countries to celebrate and present their talents through organising Talent Days. Therefore, we ask the talent support organizations of all European states to make the achievements they consider inspiring for other countries public and get involved in this initiative through organising various events ranging from festivities to roundtable discussions in Spring 2011.

If you would like to get involved with organising local talent days or you have any questions or enquiries related to the event series please get in touch with our colleagues at