Ideas Anyone?

16 szeptember 2011

A call for ideas to promote the cause of our joint talent support goals in the European Parliament.

Help us promoting the cause in Brussels by sharing your idea!

The Hungarian Members of the European Parliemant are to submit a non-legislative action to the European Parliament supporting the measures for talent support suggested by the Budapest Declaration accepted by the April Presidential Conference on Talent Support in Budapest, Hungary.

We would like to ask for creative ideas to make a small present to all members of the European Parliament, which will have the number of the proposal on talent support on it. The aim of this small present is to help members of the European Parliament identifie this proposal among the seemingly endless flow of documents they receive, and build trust and positive emotions towards the cause it represents.

This gadget should be:

  • Unusual
  • Eye-catching, fun and interesting
  • Small and affordable
  • Able to have the number of the proposal.

Please help us to design a gadget that meets these criteria!

Share your ideas with us by e-mail to before 15 October!

Your idea will bring us one step closer to our goal creating a talent-friendly environment in the European Union!