Webinar on Gifted Education

14 April 2011

Next Webinar on Giftedkids.ie: "A Global Perspective on Gifted Education" presented by Tim Dracup, Education Consultant - Thursday, April 14th between 7.00-8.30pm BST.

We are pleased to announce that Tim Dracup, Education Consultant, gifted education advocate, Trustee of the National Association of Gifted Children UK and one of the speakers of the Budapest EU-Presidential Conference on Talent Support last week will present a webinar entitled "Global Perspectives on Gifted Education" as the next event in the Giftedkids.ie webinar series. The event will take place on Thursday, April 14th, between 7.00-8.30pm BST. 

Giftedkids launched this pilot webinar series on January 28th 2010 with "Characteristics of the Exceptionally Able – Faster, Earlier, Differently”, presented by Margaret Keane and Anna Giblin. Supported by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, the Irish National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE) and Centre for Talented Youth of Ireland (CTYI) these webinars are free to teachers and parents and are run through the global educators' network, Learncentral.org. Participants will need a broadband connection and a pc or Mac with a set of headphones or speakers. For more information on technical requirements and to register for this series please send an email to webinars@giftedkids.ie. Also you can download any of the previous presentations and recorded webinars at http://www.giftedkids.ie/webinars.html.
Presenter Bio:
Tim Dracup is an education consultant, writer and commentator who specialises in gifted and talented education. He was for twelve years Head of Gifted Education in England's ministry of education, responsible for designing and delivering all national policy. He planned and built England's national gifted and talented education programme from its earliest stages until it served one million identified gifted learners. His initiatives include: the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY), Regional Partnerships for G&T, London Gifted and Talented, Excellence Hubs, National Quality Standards and G&T Leading Teachers. Tim's 'Gifted Phoenix' blog sets out his increasingly influential thinking on the global significance of gifted education and the case for stronger international partnership and collaboration while also exploring interesting practice worldwide. His interests include: national policy development; the economics of gifted education; meeting the needs of disadvantaged gifted learners, fair access to university and social mobility; and the use of social media to support gifted and talented education. He is a Trustee of the UK National Association for Gifted Children, a Tower Group member and heavily involved in establishing GT Voice, a new national network of gifted and talented interests in the UK.