The World Council conference 2011

27 július 2011

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, Inc. (WCGTC), a world-wide non-profit organization which is a diverse organization networking the globe  whose primary goal is to provide advocacy and support for gifted children, will held its 19th Biennial World Conference: Making a World of Difference for Gifted Children.

19bwc_WCGTCThe confrence will take place in Prague-Czech Republic on August 8-12, 2011, in partnership with Czech Technical University in Prague, and Pedagogická fakulta Masarykovy University.

This international conference will bring together leaders in the field of gifted and talented education to share their knowledge and experiences with all cultures. A perfect place to networking and exchange ideas and thoughts with international experts and to learn about the latest developments in this field of knowledge.



Péter Csermely

Among the keynote speakers, Peter Csermely, a professor of the Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary, one of the initiators of Hungarian Genius Program and the founder of Hungarian National Talent Support Council will present: Creativity and Talent Support: A Network Perspective. The lecture will summarize the experiences of the Hungarian nationwide talent support network

”Survival of complex systems needs their creative behavior in an unpredictable world. Creative and talented people are our life insurance to survive. Creativity is promoted by specific network structures and positions at various levels of hierarchically embedded, interdependent networks. Creative elements are positioned in the overlap of many network communities, and have a highly dynamic and rather independent status in the whole network. This creative position is promoted by an optimal overlap of network communities. Such a network configuration, creative positions and behavior are needed for creativity at the molecular, cellular and social level.  Hungarian nationwide talent support network is an example to build such a network at social level. A major element of this program is the network containing hundreds of Talent Points. These Talent Points provide adequate and coordinated support for recognizing and developing the gifted and talented. gifted and talented. Hungary and Poland as chairs of the EU in 2011 called all European talent support communities to join the EU Talent Day and to develop a closer EU cooperation in talent support.” - Peter Csermely.

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