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Vilnius, Lithuania

Educational Centre of Gifted Youth
Address: Studentu 39-328, LT- 08106 Vilnius Lithuania
Phone: +370-683-11803 Fax: +370-5-2730895


Events in Lithuania in 2011:

The Educational Center of Gifted Youth has joined the group of organisations and individuals who would like to participate in the EU TalentDay movement by organising local community events. Their plans are as follows:
The Educational Center of Gifted Youth works in co-operation with Vilnius Pedagogical University (VPU) and local representatives of the UNESCO Commission in order to organise local celebrations of talent and talent support work in different educational institutions in Lithuania. Events will include:

  • concerts and exhibitions in local music and art schools;
  • a roundtable discussion in between individuals and organisations working in the field of gifted and talented education.


Talent Support in Lithuania

lithuania_01The importance of organized and continuous talent support of more able children was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2005 with the adoption of Strategy for Education of Gifted and Talented Children and Youth. In 2006 the Program for Gifted Children and Youth was adopted.

The terms ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ got introduced into the official terminology in order to define more able individuals with special educational needs. In recent years there have been some special programs going on for gifted and talented students in Lithuanian schools. In addition to these programs, there are special schools focusing on the development of music and art skills of children in the big cities of Lithuania, as well as there are gymnasiums and a lyceum in Vilnius where the development of intellectual and thinking skills of high achievers is of primary importance. The Educational Center of Gifted Youth in Vilnius takes an active role in improving children’s abilities and skills through education, trainings and individual psychological consultations - successful projects in the field of gifted and talented education were completed in 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

The Educational Center of Gifted Youth (ECGY) was established in 2002 in Vilnius as a non-governmental organization. The Center is the first organization in Lithuania that aims to deal with the educational, emotional, social needs of gifted and talented children and wants to provide adequate professional responses to these challenges. It seeks to help children and youth to recognize their abilities and realize their potential in the best way in society. Through regular activities eight professional psychologists encourage and support young people (7-18 years old) to develop their abilities of various sorts (creative, intellectual, special). Next to direct talent support work, ECGY also plays an active role in talent advocacy in order to raise awareness of the public on the value and needs more able people have in our communities. The Educational Center of Gifted Youth in Lithuania is a partner organisation of the international Network of Youth Excellence (NYEX).

The main activities of the Educational Center of Gifted Youth include:

  • Individual psychological consultations for students, parents and teachers in order to help them to know more about students’ unique aptitudes and talents and also about gifted education.
  • Different development programs for young people. These programs help children to enhance their creativity and other kinds of abilities, to know more and be conscious about their real aptitudes and talents and also to develop their intellectual and special abilities.
  • Career planning. Consultations for pupils, parents and teachers in order to help them find the best school or other educational institution that fits the most a given individual’s intellectual potential.
  • Other activities: summer camps, projects, seminars, talent advocacy in society.

For more details on the activities run by ECGY, Vilnius please check the following links: (available in English)

For more details on talent support in Lithuania please check the following links:
(Information is only available in Lithuanian)

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26 március 2011

Heads up! The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children is holding the next "Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life", March 26th 2011 at 9 p.m. CEST. Invited speaker is Tim Dracup from UK.

6 április 2011

Roundtable discussion on the occasion of the 12th ECHA-Austria Conference with representatives of gifted and talented education

20 május 2011

The third Conference of Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children - Celebration of 1st TalentDay in Bavaria/Germany