Contact person: János Vida
Senta, Serbia
Organisation: Bolyai Farkas Foundation for Talents Studying in Hungarian
Address: Postanska 18. 24400 Senta, Serbia
Phone: 00381-24-816-700 Fax: 00381-24-817-775

Events in Serbia in 2011:

Local Talent Days are to be held in Autumn, 2011 and events connecting to the EU TalentDay will be initiated from next year.

Talent Support in Serbia:

Four specialist secondary schools for gifted and talented pupils – schools of “national importance”

There are four secondary schools in Serbia, which have been given specialist status by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia – they have become specialist schools for talent support. These schools are experimental grammar schools, where a standard syllabus/curriculum is not taught; pupils learn in small groups and have a higher number of lessons in subjects, which match their skills and interests. Varied extracurricular activities motivate pupils to learn through discovery. The school performance and later professional and social success of pupils educated in these schools is outstanding and their work is recognised by society. Among the secondary schools which have been given specialist talent support status by the Ministry of Education the Belgrade Language Grammar School (Filološka gimnazija Beograd), and the Grammar School in Sremski Karlovci (Karlovačka gimnazija) offer versatile language courses and extracurricular activities for pupils interested in social sciences; the Belgrade Mathematics Grammar School (Matematička Gimnazija Beograd) and the  First Kragujevačka Grammar School (Prva Kragujevačka Gimnazija) help pupils interested in mathematics and natural sciences to develop their skills further.

Hungarian talent support schools in Serbia

Two talent support institutions serving the local Hungarian minority, the The Bolyai Secondary Grammar School and College for Gifted Students in Senta and the Kosztolányi Dezső Grammar School in Subotica are also recognised among the schools for gifted students in Serbia. The two schools were founded in 2003 with the aim of providing a top quality education for Hungarian minority students in the region, enabling them to excel in higher education, the labour market and life generally as well as encouraging them to enrich their own local communities. The two schools’ educational profiles complement each other: in the Bolyai Grammar School the educational emphasis is on mathematics, natural science, fine arts and sport, while the Kosztolányi Dezső Grammar School offers special language (humanities) classes.

Hungarian TalentPoints in Vojvodina, Serbia

Hungarian talent support in Serbia, with its centre in Vojvodina, is closely linked to and develops parallel to the TalentPoint network of Hungary. Presently, 16 Hungarian TalentPoints help to identify talented pupils and support the development of their skills and abilities. The Bolyai Farkas Foundation for Talents Studying in Hungarian is a regional TalentPoint and founding member of the Hungarian Association of Talent Support Organisations (MATEHETSZ) and the National Talent Support Council. Hungarian experts in Serbia act as a bridge between the two cultures while exchanging best talent support practice. It is due to their dedicated work that TalentPoints were established and developed with the help of local communities.

School for Music Talents in Cuprija; Cofman Judit and Bolyai János preparatory schools for mathematics competitions

In addition to the four secondary schools which have been given specialist status by the government and enjoy wide recognition within society and the two Hungarian talent support secondary schools, there is a music school and two notable talent support programmes in Serbia which offer additional activities beside the obligatory school curriculum.

The only primary and secondary school in the country which offers talent support for music talents is the School for Music Talents in Ćuprija (Škola za muzičke talente, Ćuprija), which follows the standards of the Central Music School in Moscow and the Yehudi Menuhin School in London. The school has individual learning plans for its students, who can choose between four string instruments: violin, viola, cello or double bass. After finishing the school many of the pupils continue their music education in higher education, become soloists, chamber musicians or teachers.

The Petnica Science Centre organises the largest annual, non-governmental, international science camp in South-East Europe and has had 250,000 participants since its opening 30 years ago. Petnica International offers research camps which last a few weeks for young people interested in scientific research; seminars are held in 15 different disciplines, including architecture, archaeology, biomedicine, astrology, anthropology and IT. In addition to the annual international summer research camp with hundreds of gifted pupils and students, Petnica Science Centre offers training courses and seminars for teachers as well. You can watch a short video on the centre’s future plans here:

Cofman Judit talent support school in Subotica and Bolyai János weekend talent support school in Senta offer activities in Hungarian for talented young mathematicians free of charge; pupils here are prepared for national and international competitions. Mathematicians from well-known secondary schools and universities hold group sessions for young talented students here from February to September on alternative weekends.

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26 március 2011

Heads up! The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children is holding the next "Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life", March 26th 2011 at 9 p.m. CEST. Invited speaker is Tim Dracup from UK.

6 április 2011

Roundtable discussion on the occasion of the 12th ECHA-Austria Conference with representatives of gifted and talented education

20 május 2011

The third Conference of Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children - Celebration of 1st TalentDay in Bavaria/Germany